Dec 23 2013

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Dec-23-2013 - Plans for target maintenance

  • Target maintenance
    • Check condition of Turbo#2 and the controller, if needed fix the pump or controller - TURBO IS BROKEN AND SEND TO BE FIXED
    • Fix the scroll #2 - already sent to Ideal Vacuum for evaluation - WAS BROKEN AND IS NOW BACK
    • Try to find what was leaking in Turbo#2 vacuum lines - FAULS ALARM
    • Try to fix T11 - NEEDS TO BE CHECKED
    • Prepare the backup Turbo#2=old Alcatel - needs controller/cable - WE CAN ALWAYS USE ALCATEL PUMP PACKAGE AS A BACKUP PUMP
    • Work with counting OPC monitor - WE NEED DETECTOR AND GET IT MOUNTED
      • have a detector - TRY TO GET DETECTOR FROM HIFR
      • build a stand -
      • scalers are working and data gets to data stream - BY CHRIS AND DAVID BLYTH
      • note that old monitor can be behind the counting monitor - WILL BE
    • Thorough leak check before the next cooldown - WILL START ON FEB 3RD
    • He channel flow check - NEW HE BOTTLE CONNECTED AND FLOW TURNED ON
    • Mount more sensitive PT201 - use Lesker's gauge - WE WILL SEE
    • Try to locate and fix the leak in the compressor helium lines? SNIFF WITH LEAK DETEDTOR
    • check that RGA is in a good shape - maybe needs bake out - RGA SEEMS TO DOING FINE
    • Add gas to compressors - NEEDS TO BE DONE
    • Check Melanie if the H2 sensors have been checked/calibrated - ACCORDING TO MELANIE YES THEY ARE BUT SHE WILL CHECK THE DETECTORS AGAIN.
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