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Geoff has instituted group meetings on Fridays during lunch, and so far we're off to great start. Here, "group" refers to Geoff and all his underlings, and whoever in the physics division can be tricked into coming. While the discussions are fairly informal, there usually is a small presentation to guide them.

3-14-2008 Magnetic Field Gradients and minimizing them -- Jonny Dadras (link)

3-21-2008 Great Friday!

3-28-2008 Delayed Neutrons (practice talk for the APS) -- Rob Mahurin (link)

4-4-2008 Current Status of the DAQ -- Nadia (link)

4-11-2008 Polarimetry for NPDGamma -- Jonny (link)

5-16-2008 Polarizing 3He at NIST -- Jonny (link)

5-23-2008 Measure neutron polarization: in situ or not? -- Jonny (link)

6-13-2008 Mirror Matter -- Nadia (link)

7-4-2008 Independence Day

7-11-2008 Magnetic field gradients and neutron depolarization calculations for the NPDGamma experiment. -- (link)

5-20-2011 A Monte Carlo Simulation of the NPDGamma Detector Array at the SNS. -- Kyle (link)

4-27-2012 David (link)

5-25-2012 Meeting_Minutes2012_0525

07-20-2012 Summary of False asymmetry studies

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