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  1. Septimiu Balascuta's report on Magnetic Field in the Presence of the SM.
  2. Magnetic field requirements: report from Stefan Bae├čler (3/20/08, revised 1/19/09), report from David Bowman (1/16/09), report from David Bowman (2/25/09), final specifications as decided by EC (1/22/09)
  3. Magnetic field measurements in empty coil system (Septimiu Balascuta, September 2010, revised 02/11/2011): pdf
  4. Magnetic field measurements in the presence of the NPDGamma detector (S. Balascuta, 12/13/2010, revised 02/12/2011): pdf
  5. Howto setup the guide field and read the fluxgates (Jasmin Schaedler, S. Balascuta, August 2010, S. Baessler, February 2011): word pdf
  6. Howto setup serial communication with Fluxgate (More technical report): word pdf
  7. Howto perform remote communication with Agilent: word pdf
  8. Howto perform remote communication with Danfysik: word pdf
  9. Howto setup or debug serial connection: word pdf
  10. Field gradients and angles measured inside the detector array (S. Balascuta) pdf
  11. Field stability during the Aluminium and Chlorine measurements (Simon Schroeder, S. Balascuta) pdf
  12. The effect the change in the shim and main coils current on the field direction and magnitude (Simon Schroeder, S. Balascuta) pdf
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