Jan 31 2014

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Jan-31-2014 - Plans for bringing experiment up in Feb-2014

  • To check instrumental asymmetries we need to run noise measurements before beam, important since power to every equipment in experiment was switched of for a few days. Start noise measurement on Feb-5th
  • Build and mount the stand for the low efficient counter detector to front of M4 for OPC studies. Do this during week Feb-3rd.
  • Develop plans for OPC studies
  • On Feb-9th evening turn cryocoolers on to get target cold without Hydrogen.
  • When beam comes back on Feb-10th at 8:30am start with new counting detector, test the detector and scaler performance with beam.
  • Then when Matt and Chris are ready, do polarimetry followed by a few Metglass measurements, all this is assumed to take 8h.
  • When polarimetry is done, we will do careful empty target runs
  • Next we start to fill the target, which takes about three days
  • As soon as target has enough LH2, we start to do transmission measurements
  • When target is full we will change target thermodynamic conditions to see if we can observe changes in neutron transmission when OPC steady state conditions have been varied.
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