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3He talks

  1. 6-8-2010 Introduction to Polarized 3He -- Matthew Musgrave (Slides: ppt)
  2. 6-10-2010 Measurement with He3 Flipper -- Stefan Baessler (Report: docx)
  3. 6-15-2010 Introduction to NMR on 3He -- Matthew Musgrave (Slides: ppt)
  4. 6-25-2010 3He Cell Characterization at HFIR -- Matthew Musgrave (Slides: ppt)
  5. Fundamental Neutron Physics Summer School Lecture -- Geoff Greene (Slides: pdf1 pdf2)

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7-5-2011 The calculation of the geometry factors for Aluminum and Chlorine target -- S. Balascuta, Z. Tang (Slides: ppt)

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