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  1. FNPB NPDGamma background with FeCoV and FeSi bender polarizers.
  2. Report on detector gain measurements and gain matching (N. Fomin, October 2010) report
  3. SNS Choppers Opening Angles (Rob Mahurin and Chris Crawford, 11/30/2006) report
  4. The magnetic field gradients of the XY-scanner (Matthew Musgrave, S. Balascuta, Sept. 2010): report
  5. Notes about the magnetic field have been moved here.
  6. The characterization of the electric circuit of the Spin Rotator report
  7. Summary of measurements done on the lithium shielding link
  8. The estimation of the NPDGamma detectors position with a Cesium source link
  9. Analysis of the Arithmetic and Geometric Mean Methods of Calculating Asymmetries (W. S. Wilburn, 2007) report
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