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  • The Weak Interaction Between Nucleons And Parity Violation In Cold Neutron Capture

---> Ph.D. thesis, Michael Gericke, November 2004

  • 3He Ionization Chambers As Neutron Beam Monitors For The NPDGamma Experiment

---> Masters thesis, Chad Gillis, June 2006

  • Measurement of Parity Violation in Thermal Neutron Capture on a Proton

---> Ph.D. thesis, Mikayel Dabaghyan, September 2007

  • Parity Violation In Polarized Cold Neutron Capture

---> Ph.D. thesis, Rob Mahurin, May 2009

  • Polarimetry Studies For NPDGamma At The SNS

---> Masters thesis, Mostafa Jon Dadras, December 2009

  • Precision Measurement of Parity Violation in Polarized Cold Neutron Capture on the Proton: the NPDGamma Experiment

---> PhD Thesis, Jiawei Mei, November 2010

  • Parity Violation in Hadronic Weak Interaction

---> Ph.D. thesis, Septimiu Balascuta, May, 3rd, 2012

  • Neutron Polarimetry with Polarized 3He for the NPDGamma Experiment

---> Ph.D. thesis, Matthew Musgrave, Dec. 2, 2013

  • Exploring The Hadronic Weak Interaction With Cold Neutrons In The NPDGamma And NSR Experiments

---> Ph.D. thesis, Jason Fry, June, 2015

  • Parity violation and cold neutron capture: a study of the detailed interaction between hadrons

---> Ph.D. Thesis , Mark McCrea, February, 2017

  • Precise Measurement of the Photon Directional Asymmetry in the np->d\gamma Reaction

---> Ph.D. Thesis, David Blyth, April, 2017

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