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Hydrogen Target Vessel & Stand

  1. Liquid Hydrogen Dewar 315279-000
    1. Design Documents (Drawings and Calculations) LH2 Design
      1. LH2 Vessel Drawing Set 315279-000
      2. LH2 Vessel Catalytic Cup Repair/Replace Drawing Set 315279-001
      3. Hydrogen Liquifier Loop Drawing Set 311128-000
      4. Ortho-Para Converter and Internal Plumbing Description
      5. Target Vessel Modifications for SNS Target Mods
      6. Vessel Li6 Neutron Shielding Layout 3311224-001
      7. Vessel Li6 Neutron Shielding Discussion Li6 Vessel Shielding
      8. LH2 Vessel Pressure Analysis Pressure Analysis by C.R. Luttrell
      9. Earthquake Analysis Earthquake Analysis
    2. Fabrication Procurement, Testing and Reports LH2 Fabrication
      1. Ability Engineering Code Certification Documents LH2 Vessel Report
      2. Accident Scenario Testing and Results Accident Scenario
      3. Bimetallic Joint Thermal Cycling and Testing Bimetallic Joint
      4. OP Repair Mat'l Cert OP Sleeve Mat'l
      5. OP Converter Vendor Brazing Documentation Brazing Vendor
  1. Main Vacuum Vessel 311220-000
    1. Design Documents (Drawings and Calculations) Vacuum Vessel Design
      1. Vacuum Vessel Drawing & FEA Set 311220-000
      2. Vacuum Vessel Cover Bolt Replacement 311220-000 sheet 1
      3. Beam Window Safety Document Beam Windows
      4. Auxilliary Cold Head Clamping Brige and Toe Clamps
    2. Fabrication Procurement, Testing and Reports Vacuum Vessel Fabrication
      1. Ability Engineering Fabrication Report Vacuum Vessel Report
      2. IU Quality Assurance of Vacuum Vessel Domes Vessel Domes QA
      3. Reference Report on Los Alamos Domes Los Alamos Domes

Hydrogen Fill/Vent Line

  1. Fill/Vent Line 312644-001
    1. Design Documents (Drawings and Calculations) Fill Vent Line Design
      1. Vent/Fill Line Main Assembly Drawing Set 312644-001
      2. Vent/Fill Line Final Weldment Drawing Set 312646-000
      3. Vent/Fill Line Intermediate Weldment Drawing Set 312646-002
      4. Nested Cross Weldment 312641-000
      5. Cold Elbow Weld and Braze/Solder 312642-013
      6. Cold Head Mount 315312-002
      7. General Stress on Components Due to Internal Pressure 150psi In Vent Line
      8. Stress on 50 Pin Feedthru Welds 150psi on Feedthru Welds
      9. Temperature Distribution in Vent at Relief Flow Temp Distribution
      10. Thermal Contraction of Fill/Vent Line Thermal Contraction
      11. Fill Time Estimate Fill Time
      12. Bellows Certification By Manufacturer Bellows
    2. Fabrication Procurement, Testing and Reports Fill Vent Line Fabrication
      1. CF Flange Leakage Tests CF Leak Test
      2. Brazing Process For Cold Elbow DocumentsCold Elbow Brazing
      3. Material Certifications For Vent Line Material Mat'l Certs
      4. Weld Inspections of Vent Line Weld Inspections
      5. Precooler Testing Precooler Performance
    3. Photos 1.5in and 6in photos
      1. Photos of 1.5in Vent Line Construction1.5in Line Photos
      2. Photos of Cold Elbow Repairs1.5 Elbow Photos
      3. Photos of 6in Vacuum Line Construction6in Line Photos
      4. Photos Cryo Head Installation Cryo Install
    4. Files Related to Lesker 6in Cross Certification 6in Cross

Hydrogen Vent Isolation Box

  1. Relief Chamber Modifications 315337-000
    1. Design Documents (Drawings and Calculations) Relief Chamber Mods Design
      1. Modified Relief Chamber 315337-000
      2. Comments on Relief Chamber By Jack ThomisonComments
      3. Safety Overview of Relief Chamber Overview
      4. Design Calculations of Fill/Vent Line and Relief System Calculation
    2. Fabrication Procurement, Testing and Reports Relief Chamber Mods Fabrication
      1. Vendor Certification of Relief Valve RD101
      2. Vendor Certification of Relief Valve RD104
      3. Material Certs For Relief Chamber Mods Mat'l Certs

Miscellaneous Components

  1. Design Drawings Data Parts
    1. H2 Supply Cold Trap 4010218
    2. Dewar Hanger for Cold Trap Hanger
    3. Cold Cathode Gauge on CF Flange 4010184
    4. Modified Valve Body 4010221
    5. Pressure Transducer to VCR Fitting 4010223
    6. 2.5 CF to NW100 Adaptor 4010222
    7. He Channel Bolt for Entrance End of Vacuum Vessel 4010219
    8. Gas Handling Manifold, Redrawn from SNS Design 4010254
  2. Weld Inspections Reports
  3. Minimum Temperture of External Converter Test Min Temp

Instrumentation Documents

  1. Instrumentation
    1. LH2 Target Data Aquisition Data Aquisition
    2. LH2 Target Instrumentation layout Instrumentation

Safety Documents

  1. Saftey Documents Saftey Documents
    1. Design and Safety Document of the Target System Target Design Safety Document 11-11-2011
    2. Memorandum of Understaing MOUdraft
    3. Third Safety Review
      1. Third Safety Review 10-22-2010 3rd Review
      2. Response to Third Safety Review Response
    4. Second Safety Review 8-12-2008 2nd Review
    5. First Safety Review 12-7-2007 1st Review
    6. H2 System Design Review 4-7-2010 H2 Review
    7. LANSCE LH2 Target Engineering Doc
    8. LH2 Target Engineering Study 8-7-2009 Engineering Study
    9. LH2 Target Structural Analysis Calculation by NRM FUND13NPDG-20-DA0001-R00
    10. LOV Failure Test Heat Load
    11. H2 Supply Manifold Flow and Pressures
    12. Target Hazard Anaysis
      1. Failure and Hazard Analysis
      2. Fill/Vent line Hazard Analysis LH2 Hazard
      3. Hydrogen Embrittlement and Condensation Hazards
    13. Analysis of CF Flanges Under Pressure CF Pressure
    14. Tritium Production Tritium
    15. Unreviewed Safety Determination SNS 102030102-ES0029-R01 102030102-ES0029-R01
    16. Target Test Plan Test Plan
    17. Flow and Piping Diagram Flow Diagram
    18. Relief Chamber Bypass Relief Chamber Bypass


  1. Inspector and Welder Certifications
    1. Weld Inspector Bennie Flynn Inspector
    2. Welder Tim Clarke Tim C.
    3. Welder Mike Endris Mike E.

Assembly & Testing Logs

  1. Log Book and Index of Tests Logbook


  1. Operation Procedures
    1. Target Operating Procedures
      1. SNS-OPM Procedures
        1. Response to Hydrogen Alarm SNS-OPM 5.U-13.2 Alarm Response
        2. Valve Line Up SNS-OPM 13.2.1 Valve Line Up
        3. Pumping Supply Manifold SNS-OPM 13.2.2 Pumping Filling Supply Manifold with He
        4. Pumping Purging Target with Helium SNS-OPM 13.2.3 Pumping Purging Target with Helium
        5. Purging Filling Target with Hydrogen SNS-OPM-13.2.4 Purging Filling Target with Hydrogen
        6. Boiling off Liquid SNS-OPM 13.2.6 Boiling off Liquid Hydrogen
        7. Filling Vent Stack with Helium SNS-OPM 13.2.7 Filling Vent Stack with Helium
        8. Replace Empty Bottle SNS-OPM 13.2.8 Replace Empty Hydrogen Bottle
      2. Internal Target Procedures NPDGamma Target Procedures
    2. Relif and Check Valve Calibration Documents Valve Procedure & Record
  1. Training
    1. Target Expert Selection Guide Line Expert Selection Guide
    2. Target Experts Authorization Authorized Target Experts
    3. Shift Specialist Qualifications Qualifications 2-7-2012
    4. Shift Specialist Training Training
    5. Cryogenic Safety Manual Cryogenic Safety Manual

Documents of Target Operation at Los Alamos

  1. Los Alamos Documents Los Alamos Docs
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